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Software developed for vintage computers

Tandy Model II ARCNET Software Archive

By | November 3, 2019

After a lot of effort from many members of the community, I am proud to present a collection of Tandy ARCNET software for the TRS-80 Model II/12/16/16B/6000 microcomputers. ARCNET for the Model II line was an ambitious attempt by Tandy Radio Shack to create networked Model II systems for businesses, schools and other organizations. ARCNET… Read More »


By | February 3, 2019

trsnic is a general purpose WiFi TCP/IP network interface for the TRS-80 line of microcomputers. The name is an amalgamation of “TRS-80” and “NIC”, which is commonly used shorthand for “network interface card”. It is a fork of and therefore derived from and inspired by Arno Puder’s amazing RetroStoreCard. The product will initially support the TRS-80… Read More »


By | November 11, 2017

TRS-Box XENIX Beta TRS-Box is now available for your Tandy XENIX system. All you need in addition to a working Tandy XENIX system is a serial-IP adapter. Tandy 6000 running TRS-Box XENIX with the ATC-1000 Serial-IP converter. TRS-Box XENIX has been successfully tested on the following platforms: Tandy 6000 with XENIX 3.2 and 1MB RAM… Read More »


By | November 26, 2016

TRS-Pic is a Google Images browser for your MISE equipped TRS-80 Model I or your M3SE equipped TRS-80 Model III or Model 4 with a broadband internet connection.   Watch the video You can download TRS-Pic here Once you unzip, you can copy the appropriate commands for your TRS-80 using the MISE/M3SE FTPD service.… Read More »

TRS-Box Serial

By | July 31, 2016

TRS-Box Serial Beta You can now use TRS-Box without the need for a MISE or M3SE. All you need is a serial-IP adapter and a RS-232 interface in your floppy or hard disk enabled TRS-80. Many TRS-80s already have an RS-232 interface installed. You can find them on eBay or from TRS-80 specialists if you… Read More »


By | January 2, 2016

TRS-Box now works with TRS-IO! You can now use TRS-Box with the trsnic TCP/IP stack in the TRS-IO card on the Model III and Model 4.  Get v0.8 of the TRS-Box client to start using your TRS-IO card! TRS-Box now runs on the Model II and 16! Finally, a modern file management solution for the big… Read More »

TRS-80 Model II Family

By | December 30, 2015

After the initial overwhelming success of the TRS-80 Model I in 1977, Tandy-RadioShack quickly decided to capitalize on their good fortunes and proceeded with the design and development of a serious business class computer. Their initial offering was the Tandy 10 which was built by Applied Digital Data Systems and released in 1978. The Tandy… Read More »


By | April 13, 2015

TRSWiki now runs on the Model 4 with LS-DOS 6! The Model 4 running LS-DOS 6 provides a 80×24 character screen size which makes Wikipedia browsing even more enjoyable. The TRSWiki splash screen on a Model 4 with the M3SE and Hi-Res graphics card 80 column Wikipedia entry for Star Wars as rendered by TRSWiki… Read More »